DroneDeploy ANDROID App Version 3.17.0 Crash

There have been allot of reports over the last week or so about app version 3.17.0 closing. Just wanted to combine what has already been posted in other separate threads. @Jamespipe @Andrew_Fraser




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In short, I read the forum and saw no solution except to change the tablet. Interesting that the SM-T510 worked before updating the DD, Now it doesn’t work anymore, it closes during flight or during the simulation, while the SM-J415G (Much lower than the other), it didn’t update the DD and it still works. . I think the problem is in the DD update.

Thank you for posting your experiences!

Please state the make, model, OS version and DD version of your devices. This issue is being reported specifically for the v3.17.0 Android app.

Both handsets are android. The SM-J415G phone (Android - 9) uses an up-to-date version of DD, and it works perfectly. Already the SM-T510 (Androi 9.1) and with DD - 3.17.0, is relinquishing the APP in flight and also in pre simulation test. What do you guys do DD intend to do a new update to solve this? or simply could go back to the previous version of DD. I’d pop the antidote version of DD, but I can’t find it on Play Stori.

I have just pushed this issue to Support as there are now enough cases and a clear understanding of the common elements. We will update when there are any new developments.

Também estou tendo o mesmo problema. Estou usando o Samsung nout 8 atualizado. Com internet e no modo off-line. Ele simplesmente fecha depois algum tempo e não tem um tempo exato. Depois de fazer o pagamento foi possível obter metade de um projeto e não consigo terminar. Após isso só perdido viagem até o local.
O Drone é um Mavic Pro 2 e um Fanton 3.

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Hi Osvaldo. Thank you! In the future could you please post in English.

I am also having the same problem. I am using the updated Samsung note 8. With internet and in offline mode. It just closes after a while and doesn’t have an exact time. After making the payment it was possible to get half of a project and I can’t finish it. After that just lost trip to the place.
The Drone is a Mavic Pro 2 and a Phantom 3.

What version of Android does the Note 8 have installed?

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Desculpa não sei escrever em inglês me perdoe. Quem sabe no futuro próximo.

A versão do telefone e a 9.

Instead of making every reader do it try this…

Thank you. Most of the reports here are related to Android 10 so it is good to know that it could happen on 9 also.

OK. Thanks for listening.
I look forward to updating DD. And for a while I take a few days off.
(kakakakaka) If I can help you with anything else, I’m available.

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Good night, any prediction for the problem of DD?


In the 3rd linked topic in the OP, DD staff said that version 3.19 will correct the issue, but did not give a timeline.

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I think that may be very hard to predict with the aggressive nature of their development. There is ALLOT on the plate as far as fixes with drone hardware progressing so quickly and even more on the plate for the product and engineering teams as far as functionality and streamlining of existing functionality. I just got of an organizational improvements call and personally put in another 5 requests. :wink: We all know there will be a 3.19 so maybe we can look at the timeline of the previous release to get an idea?

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But it would be easier to make the previous version available to users with DD issues.

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I totally agree except for the fact that with aggressive pursuit comes the likelihood that the older app may not support the new ecosystem… You would hope that backwards compatibility would be maintained, but that more of a hardware philosophy than software.

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unfortunately previous versions also have the same defect in android version 9, samsung s10 handset


So the solution would be to start looking for other apps that are working. After all the end of the month comes, and so are the bills.


Pix4D Capture is free. You can still process and host in DD.

I also use DD to perform paid tasks I have to look for other tools