Drone with a lot of specifications

Hello everyone I want to buy a Drone with a lot of specifications so can anyone help me find it.
Here’s the specifications:

  1. 3D mapping
  2. Orthophoto system.
  3. Atmospheric conditions, showing you.
  4. High rezulution of aerophtotography.
  5. Over 5000mAh battery.
    6.Over 17mgp camera.
  6. Working even in -5 to +35c
    8.Approximately 30 min to fly.
  7. 128gb sd card for datas.
    10.Wierles in 2km range.
  8. “Return to home” funcion.
  9. Yaw,Pich,Roll
  10. SOFTWARE with:
    a. Speed chek
    b Aerotriangle
    c DSM

Thank you very much. I need with drone for my company so its wery important.

What of this list does the Phantom 4 Pro v2 not satisfy? I could look it up, but it’s your post… Might be an easier way to approach it. Do you have a budget in mind?