Drone stops mid mission

Been flying some agricultural field surveys here in the UK. Over the last week have flow approx 2 dozen flights (the fields are small and I fly most of the fields individually) without a hitch. Today, drone flow to first waypoint, started image capture, then sat there doing nothing. RTH in the app worked ok. Tried 5 or so flights in 2 fields and still never completed a survey.

The only difference between the previous flights and todays was the weather; no cloud, bright sunshine today. Approx 4pm in the UK so the sun was still up at this time of the year. Yesterday was slightly overcast (no direct bright sunshine).
I read that DJI’s obstacle avoidance can get confused with bright sunlight? Can I turn this off with DD app or do I need to go into DJI Go?
Regards, Edward

I have heard the same thing, but I rarely map when the sun is at less than about 15 degrees. I think if it was obstacle avoidance it would proceed at a crawl right off the bat after the first image. Does it consistently fail on the same missions at the same points? Or maybe similar points across all missions?

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I was flying in the UK yesterday at 4pm without a glitch. I’ve flown as late as 6pm about an hour before sunset in DD and not a problem before so I wonder if your issue is related to the weather. Picture quality was horrendous but it did fly without stopping. The only time it has ever halted was in Go4 just before sunset and so I momentarily turned off Obstacle Avoidance and it was fine.


Cheers MichaelL. The sun would have been way above 15deg’s. The drone climbed to altitude, flew to the first waypoint, took the first picture then didn’t proceed tot he next waypoint.
The only think I can think that was different (other than the location - different field) was the sun.
It was that first waypoint on both fields - tried multiple times on both.
If it’s bright again tomorrow I’ll switch the collision stuff off and see if that works.

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That makes more sense then. I misread and thought that it did a portion of the mission and halted. Were both positions facing the sun?

Oh, now you’re asking. I’d have to review that. The drone would have turned almost due West at the first waypoint - into the sun?

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Disable obstacle avoidance. Flying into strong sunlight at certain angles looks like a wall to the OA.

Well…today was much the same as yesterday - bright sunshine. Switched off Obstacle Avoidance and everything went like a charm. Thanks for everyone’s advise and suggestions.