Drone stopping during mission after camera focus calibration

Summary of Issue:
When starting a mission, the Mavic pro flies to the start point, I get the image capture started message, and calibrating camera focus, then the drone stops and just hovers.
Using return to home, restarting the drone and restarting the mission usually seems to work.

It would be great if there was a way to cancel the mission and start again without flying it back and landing first.

This happened 4 or 5 times over 2 days of flying (about 4000 photos), so not consistent.
On the first time it happened I also got a vibration and “obstacle warning” from the controller (despite being at 120m). I subsequently turned off obstacle detection for further flights, but had the issue recur several flights later.

Date Issue Began:
14 Feb 2018

Drone Model:
Mavic Pro, up to date firmware
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
ipad mini4 iOS 11.2.5

DroneDeploy App Version:
Version mobile 2.66.0

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Hi @Michael_Dufty,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy community to report this. I’ve escalated this to our team for review. If we need more info, I’ll be following up here to ask some questions.


Hi @Michael_Dufty,

Can you restart all of your devices and let me know if this happens again when you go out and fly a mission?


I restarted all devices to get it working again. The problem then reoccurred 3 or 4 times over 2 days. I’ll post back here if it happens again.

Was this ever resolved? I am also running into the exact same Issue as the original poster :frowning:

@Christina - on another post I read that you guys at DD can enable a camera calibration tweak on accounts that use IOS - could you possible do this to mine? Perhaps it will help resolve the issue.

Thank you

Hi @CoolHandLuke,

We actually stopped manually enabling this for users several app releases ago since it became built-in. If you’re still experiencing this issue, can you verify that all of your apps, software, and firmware are up to date?

Also, how often does the issue occur or is reproducible?


The problem is still happening for me.
Not consistently but often enough to be annoying.

Hi @Michael_Dufty,

How often does this occur (e.g. every 2-3 flights? every other flight?)?

Let me know,

I am also flying a Mavic Pro (Plat Ed.) And getting this same issue. I will set up a mission on my desktop using Chrome at the DroneDeploy web interface. Using the indicated procedure in troubleshooting for DJI drones, I started the mission. The Mavic Pro went to the start point, took 2 images, noted it was doing a focus calibration, and then the mission just hangs. I can return to home, where I will get fresh batteries, and try again using a copied mission plan, and it will go out to the start, take some images, and hang on the focus calibration. I have DJI Go 4 exposure and focus settings set to off.

Only my very first mission have I had success. Attempts 2-5 have been failures so far.

I might be wrong but I don’t think the platinum Edition is supported by DD. That sai, you’ve managed to get so far so I were you I would set up the camera settings in Go4 and then toggle the settings to ’On’ in DD.

Circumvent the automatic focus in DD and see how far you then get.

Good luck.

I duplicated the mission plan, and changed the flight angle offset so that the start point was in a new location. The new mission plan ran successfully over the same area. It was a 2 battery mission, and both times the focus calibration was performed, the mission begun successfully. I will update the thread if I find conditions which bring about this error again.

@JamesC I am not sure how I would switch out of the DD app on my mobile device, open DJI Go 4 (DG4), set the focus, close DG4, open DD, and have it pick up right where I left off. I have concerns about how well switching between apps mid-flight will affect the mission. Also, how will the focus update if the terrain’s elevation changes? Or does DD keep the terrain at the exact mission height throughout the mission, regardless of terrain changes?

The first part of your query is common place for many people here. Those who use a Mavic almost have to otherwise we are plagued with blurry out of focus pictures.

In terms of your second part, I just leave the focus in infinity and it copes perfectly. All of my pictures are crisp regardless of the change in terrain whereas if I leave DD to its own device I always run into problems.

Whenever I have run into the problem of the drone hovering after camera focus, I have pressed the Pause button on the controller. The drone will usually begin taking photos and continue with the flight plan. Seems too simple, but it works for me and doesn’t use up the battery such as when you would bring the drone back to the launch spot.

Hope it helps.

I’m also having this issue as well. (Using Mavic 2 Pro) I have done everything i possibly could. For some reason if i turn everything off and restart the entire mission, it will take off and work for the first battery but as soon as i change over batteries and go to resume mission, it shows the ‘camera focus failed to update’ error message and return to home. This is seriously starting to lose me money. Has DroneDeploy done anything??

I’ve only just started encountering this error in the last couple of weeks. But from reading this forum, it’s been happening for months! When is something going to be fixed?

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I haven’t had the problem for years now with Mavic 1. A couple of times recently it has paused briefly, but has always carried on after a few seconds.
Getting it to fly after a battery change is not so easy on the other hand (always goes eventually after turning a few things off and on again).