Drone stopped flying and just hovered during a mission

My drone stopped and went into a hover mode in the middle of a mission.

This happened to me just today 10/2/18

Phantom 4 Pro

Samsung 6 phone. I tried using my Nvidia Shield tablet and it wouldn’t even connect even though I had the mission saved for offline use.

I had already flown through one battery. Brought the drone down, switched out the battery, continued the mission. Everything went as planned until I got part way into the 3rd or 4th leg and the drone just stopped. I could still see the camera view, no warnings came up, nothing. I finally just switched over to P mode and flew it back…turned off the drone, changed out the battery, and then continued the flight with no issues after that.

When I got home I uploaded my flight records to AirData and it shows Zero issues during that flight. No GPS problems or battery issues…nothing.

That happens. Could have been momentary interference.
I had it happen in one field at one place. Tried it with two different drones and they both stopped there.
I redid the flight plan to approach it from a different angle and they made it through there - although about an hour later - big field.

You also might consider turning off obstacle avoidance in any situation where the sun could be low and powerful.

Thanks for the input, Gary. I’ve flown this same area on numerous occasions…never had this happen. After I brought the drone down and switched out the battery, it started right back up and didn’t have any issues at all. Just some sort of weird occurrence I guess.

Adam…thank you for your input. I made sure that all of the obstacle avoidance was off before I even started. I was flying between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm…so the sun was definitely not low in the sky. And I’ve flown this same location numerous times with no issues like this at all.

Must have just been a glitch in the system because I brought the drone down, swapped out the battery and it finished up without a hitch.