Drone Stall mid mission and RTH fail

On my mapping mission for ‘February Southside Quarry’ and ‘February Northside Quarry’ I had two incidents where the Inspire 1 stopped halfway or so between its flight, even while there were no problems with batteries. I had to RTH and restart again, this occurred twice. Then on a RTH for a battery change the Inspire hovered in its spot 300m or so from me. Even after pressing the DD RTH button no love. I just bought it in by eye. HAs this been an issue for anyone else?

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I’ve heard about this sometimes. I have also seen that you’re able to push forward on the controller and it will just finish it’s mission. If the camera is still pointing down that could be a last resort if it happens on a mission. I’ve also heard that this can be due to interference or something and it’s a DJI failsafe during the mission.