Drone speed

How can I set the scan flight speed?
Is it possible to slow down the scan flight speed?

At Phantom 4 cruising speed of 10 m\s.

Hi Vadim,

The drone flies the speed it needs to in order to provide the overlap requested. If you want it to fly faster, specify less overlap. That’s my suggestion.

Does it make any difference to the stitching when its flying nearly 30 mph with tail wind and 15 mph with head wind? I notice I end up with a lot of pictures one way and not so many on the return pass.

Am I correct in that I want to fly into the wind rather than perpendicular to it? In my mind a lot more shaking flying perpendicular, but might smooth out flight speeds.

If you fly into the wind one direction, you will have it at your back in the other direction. I have seen this mess with the overlap. If possible, I try to fly the longest sides of the flight plan perpendicular to the wind. As a side note, make sure to have lots of batteries for large projects on windy days.

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