Drone maximum speed for image capturing

Hi. May I ask what’s the maximum speed our drone should fly at for the best image capturing required for mapping. Auto pilot and manual flying maximum speed.

Thank you!

Hi Tai,

The user doesn’t set flight speed. The drone’s speed is determined by factors including altitude and overlap specifications. Please read through this guide to Making Successful Maps: http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/making-successful-maps

Greetings Tai, I’m a new flyer with DroneDeploy and have only flown 2 ‘missions’ of the same home. I set my manual flying speed at 7 miles per hour for the first image using point of interest because that was about the speed that DD chose for my programmed flying.

On the second mission, below, I did a lot of horizontal flyby shooting in manual mode and did not use point of interest but used course lock mostly. This was difficult to fly and shoot on the Phantom 3 Standard controller due to the ‘forward’ stick on right side requires pushing the drone forward with the same hand (right) that you would use for image capture clicking the camera still shoot icon on the mobile device. I suppose a person could switch to the other RC mode and use the left stick to push the drone forward in course lock while shooting with right finger taps on the mobile screen. I found a number of my manual images to be blurry; might have been panning the camera while shooting? Also, I suspect it would be best to fly the manual flight the same distance from the structure as the DD programmed images are flown and shot. This way the house image would be the same size dimensionally when being processed; that’s just a noob guess on my part. Hope this helps.