Drone Mapping fly

I am using Dronedeploy for rice field mapping. A plan of fly was created, every setting was correct.
I flew 200 Metres within 90 Has. Once it took off, went to the first point, then the drone did move along the fly plan. It was stand still. Why this happen ?

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Hi Ratanak, welcome! Seems like we have a little translation issue, but I think the bottom line is that everything went normally until the first waypoint and the time to start taking pictures? Then it just stopped and hovered?

It is like that, I left it was hovering almost 1 minute. It did not move along the flying track.
Why this happens ? How to solve this issue ?


Can you provide the detail below? It would be very helpful to find like issues.

Drone Model
Mobile Device Model
Mobile Device OS and Version
DroneDeploy Version

I was using Dronedeploy for rice field mapping. A plan of fly was created and upload in project of the DroneDeploy. The setting was correct.

After checking flying , every checking was confirmed to go .

Then I stated flew 200 Metres within 90 Hectares. Once the drone took off, it went to the first point of fly plan, then the drone did move along the fly plan accordingly. After that It was standing still at the first point. Why this happen and how to solve this issues ?

Best , ratanak

This is all understood, but you did not provide any of the requested details in my last post.

hello Michaell,

Per above email about using drone mapping issue. I would like to request your technical advice or any practical experience to address the problem.

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Drone Model : DJI PHANTHOM 4 Pro
Mobile Device Model : IPAD mini 4
Mobile Device OS and Version: IOS version 14.4
DroneDeploy Version : mobile 4.34.3, business trail

There have been reports of the iPad Mini 4 having issues with the v4 DroneDeploy so that would be my first guess. Do you have any other devices that you can try? Even if it is Android.

When did you get the iOS v14.4 update? I trust it’s good, but Apple still only shows v14.3 supported on the Mini 4. I would start looking for a Mini 5 or a 7th Gen and up 10.2. That’s the way things are going as flight apps start to add functionality and grow. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but think about how much your time is worth.

HI MichaelL,

I did update the version last week 15 Feb 2021.

Anf for the IOS should downgrade to 10.2. ? is the best option for Mini4 ?

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I think you are fine with the OS as they do support v14.3 and there wasn’t anything in v14.4 that should have changed that, but I do think that trying another device is the first step.