Drone lost and Airdata logs don't even show last flight

I flew three successfull missions over our 30 acre timber property this morning. The lighting was better this afternoon so I went to fly the same mission. It’s a 2 battery mission and I put the controller up on a ladder because it has had connectivity issues at the far end of the property. When I went to check after the usual time of a battery it showed the “mission incomplete - disconnecteds” screen so I went to change the battery out, but when I went to the landing area the drone was not there and I thouroughly searched the area. I could not find a way to find it’s last known location in the DD app. My only choice was to reset the mission. If I could at least see the progress I would at least have a clue of where to look. I went to the DJI4 app to “find my drone” and it showed the location to be at the takeoff spot but said the missing duration was 7 hours, which correlates with my previous flight this morning. I synced the Airdata logs and the three flights from this morning are there but my last flight doesn’t even show up. If the logs are supposed to sync automatically does it not sync in real time. Why does DD not even show you the last known location if there is a disconnection? What do I do at this point?

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I’m looking for advice on finding my drone at this point. I have searched extensively around the start point in the DD app and 905ft away from home in line with the “start”. My best guess is that if lost connection at the “start” and tried to RTH. I have no idea why it would be at 155ft height. The mission is set to 280ft and RTH at 300ft to clear the trees. Any ideas? Is there a better plae to post this?

Sometimes have seen where DD logs do not auto sync to airdata and need to be manually pulled and uploaded. Its a longshot, however look on your app/device and see if you can find the logs, then upload to airdata. If you are using droid, besides looking in the DD folders, also look in the DJI folders, com.dronedeploy.beta etc. Longshot you might find a log or partial log. Good luck.

Thanks gregatsio. I think I found them! Its the 4/17/2023 5:34 flight

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Gr8, try upload them to airdata see what you get.

I was able to upload the file to Airdata and find the Mavic!! It was beneath a huge tree in soft ferns. I think what happened was that I had originally set that mission to fly at 200ft, but then bumped it up to 320ft. For some reason it must have defaulted back to 200ft and hit a tree. So, Airdata doesn’t tell you anything about obstacle avoidance? I figured it would pop up when it warnings were given. Is there a way to access more info about the flight?


In airdata, under General, look at notifications, see if anything of interest appears. Also when you click on and play HD Flight Player, watch to see what appears as it plays near where something happened. Also check under Sensors see if anything shows up.

This is exactly what I’ve had happened to me twice in the past four days I don’t know what’s going on, but I am down to drones and have no flight logs available

Both while using DroneDeploy and both while flying automated waypoint missions like I do every day of my life five days a week

Yet have lost TWO mint condition in Phantom 4 proS in four days