Drone down!

One of the reasons I prefer a hexacopter like my Yuneec H520’s. Pretty sure it was a motor failure the way it came down !smack! on the concrete paving. At least it finished the map first.

Second drone in 30 months so my annual refresh budget is working out. First one was a P3P battery failure.

It was allot of fun filling out an accident report on the construction site. Safety first!

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Looks like you were not using your Emlid setup at least.

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No doubt, that’s why I have two of them dedicated for specific purposes. Now I have to buy another used one, if I can find one, or move to a mavic 2 Pro for these types of situations. it’s good, but the rolling shutter and the issues that I’ve seen people have on this forum make me a little uncomfortable. I think I will run the emlid p4p until it dies, but transition to using the h520 full-time.

How do you like the H520 Michael? I just used my last DJI Refresh (second drone replacement) to replace my P4P due to a cracked landing strut. So if/when this one dies I will be looking for a different drone to replace it. Not sure I could justify the RTK or an Inspire or Matrice. The P4P was just such a good value. l sometimes wonder if they discontinued it to force sales of the RTK.

Does the DD Software play well with the H520? How is the image quality? How about portability?



At the end of the day the maps are just as good. Drone deploy is not on the controller yet. It’s still in beta. The camera is the same specs as the P4P, but shoots a flat profile so it’s not as good of saturation right off of the camera, but they are much easier to post process to get rid of shadows and blow out. It’s a 6-,rotor so not as portable open, but it depends on what case you get and how many batteries you want to carry. the flight time is about two to three minutes more than the P4P. the biggest advantages are the interchangeable cameras, the safety of a 6-rotor, the retractable landing gear and the 360-degree rotation on the camera.

Bummer! Luckily DJI seems to have the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0’s in-stock in their California facility. The turn around time for mine that I shipped Monday of this week says it will be here on the 15th. I believe DJI will be running an batch of Phantom 4 Pro V2.0’s very soon. That being said I do have a batch 1 pre order of the Skydio 2. Can’t wait to see how it performs with DD.

The S2 is only 12.3 megapixel and a rolling shutter so I wouldn’t head that direction.

Is anyone else checking motor temperatures after a flight? Depending on mode of failure, a motor going south will run hotter than ones that are still in good shape. Might head off an in-flight failure. A cheap IR gun would be great, but just touching each motor briefly will get you in the ball park of an emerging weak motor.

This is solid advice. Luckily on a P4P you have to physically touch the motors when you take off the props after every flight. After going through the flight logs it was a motor 3 failure, but after physical inspection it was a mechanical failure as one of the windings became partially separated. Unfortunately we are just outside of warranty on this one and the nature of the damage wouldn’t be an efficient repair so it is now a parts unit.