Drone didn't fly 3 legs of the mission


I was uploading my images from one of today’s flights and noticed that I had only 77 when I should have had 83. I examined my flightpath vs the flight plan and noticed that the drone never flew 3 legs of it.

Flightplan (With perimeter removed to better see start point and first 3 legs):

Flightplan as used:

Has this happened to anyone else before and what can I do to prevent it in future?


What device and drone are you using?

I have only seen something like this and other little quirks when flying multi-battery missions. Please send your DroneDeploy Logs from you device to support@dronedeploy.com.

Opps, sorry, should have included that.

Mavic 2 pro with galaxy s8+ .

I think I found out the issue, I wanted the drone to start closer to the home point so I set the start point to the 4th waypoint, figuring it would start at 4 and finish at 4, but it appears as though it finishes at the last waypoint only. This must be an option more for completing an interrupted survey than moving the start point?

Thanks for the reply!

There it is, answered your own question. This is currently a feature request so keep an eye out.

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Will do, thank you Michael!