Drone deploy trial ended before due date

Our drone deploy trial ended within 4 days, though we had a 14 day trial running. I have project pending and I am not able to export the same

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Hi there, thanks for reaching out here.

DroneDeploy Trials will be active for 14 days OR 10 processed maps, whichever comes first. This is listed on the sign-up page:
Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 11.52.40 AM

It looks like this account has met the 10 map limitation.

Unfortunately I’m new to the mapping and taking a coarse through Drone Launce Academy. I’m still unable to connect my Skydio 2 to the software. Between Skydio, Drone Launch Academy, Drone Deploy everyone keeps giving me vague information and sending me to one of the three and still at square one. I frustrated and can’t more forward to purchase any software until I can get it to work.

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