Drone Deploy Reloads During Flight

I have had several instances the last 6 flights where Drone Deploy either leaves the flight display page mid-flight or shuts down and reloads on its own. There is no human action with the app to cause this. We are motioning mission progress on the app and boom it shuts down.

We are left wondering “what is Drone Deploy doing now?” The aircraft continues it’s mission but we lose all telemetry back to Drone Deploy.

Anybody else?

Hi TxRancher,

Could you verify your Drone, mobile device and mobile device software version?

Have you made sure no other apps are running on your mobile device? Sometimes the app can crash due to too many apps running causes by insufficient memory on your mobile device.

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Matrice 100

IPad Air


We do try and make sure that no apps are running in the background before we launch.

Thank you for verifying those details. The DroneDeploy app does not work well with iOS 9 and below, so this is good that you are on the latest version.
The issue you are describing seems to be related to an out of memory symptom. Is this the 1st generation iPad air?

There is an issue we know about right now that can cause this restarting behavior. There is a big improvement coming soon to the map and app performance which should prevent this. Sorry you’ve run into problems while flying.