Drone Deploy Planning Camera Setting - how Important is it?

Is the quality of the final pictures dependent on the Drone Deploy Planning Setting (under the Advanced Settings)? I planned the mission with the Mavic 2 Pro with Hasselblad camera and then flew with my Phantom 4. The quality of the photos is really poor. Is that because I forgot to change the setting back to the P4 or is the Mavic 2 Pro with Hasselblad that much better?

Trying to decide whether to take the time to re-fly 380 acres when it’ll be post-processed for survey 1-2-3 forms and iPads at 20-px/inch? Eventually we will need a report map…so how important is the camera planning setting? Is the mission success that dependent on that setting?


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The actual photos look bad? Or the map? The system is designed to adapt to the drone that is connected so even if you had input the correct camera the still would have been a slight tweak at connection. Even so there’s no reason why the photos would look bad. DroneDeploy runs ISO priority of 100 and everything else is auto.

If anything the overlaps would be different because a Phantom gets more overlap at the same altitude. Usually it’s the Mavic’s that have focus issue but we did have a short period in between version where our Phantoms started shooting a little blurry and it just went away all of the sudden.


The planning camera has no effect on the flown camera, the mapping camera field of view is adjusted as soon as you connect the drone.

As Michael says - on the Phantom 4 you should get pretty good images on default settings unless it’s a low light situation. If you could post an image we will be able to offer some pointers.


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