Drone Deploy no longer managing flight speed on Phantom 3

I’ve used the Drone Deploy app several times this summer with our Phantom 3 Pro. But something changed recently. Normally, the setting for “front overlap” will moderate the speed at which the aircraft will fly. The pictures cannot be taken faster than what the drone can handle, so the solution is to fly slower. But today, the drone would just fly at full speed (max 15m/s) no mater if the front overlap was 80% or 95%. The app would still act as if the speed was lower, predicting that the total flight would take about 20 minutes, when it only took about 9 minutes in reality, with the drone dashing across the sky. In the past, Drone Deploy used to be very good at predicting flight time… not so much now. The other consequence of this bug is also that I’m not getting 80-90% of overlap but more like 50%… not good for accurate maps. This needs to be fixed or we will have to use a different app.

ALSO: when you copy a flight plan, it doesn’t appear in the flight plan list. You have to restart the app for that to happen.