Drone Deploy Near a Cell Tower

I’m flying a landscape stockpile yard on July 1. They lease a portion of their property to a cell tower company. I can stay away from the tower, but in reality how close can I come to it? The tower is 175 feet tall, and as such, I plan on flying the property at 300 feet (I normally fly at 250 feet). I’m using an Inspire 1V2. The closest pile to the tower is a scant 45 feet away. Thoughts and suggestions very welcome. Thank you!

I fly near one and have had no issues. .
My suggestion is do not let it get in between you and the drone

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Thanks Parbar! I really appreciate it.

I would suggest taking off right next to it to verify its height (unless you have by some other “precise” means, like sectional charts).

Cell tower radiation is in a slightly downward angle so flying 75-100 above it will be fine. I have been on this 300’ for everything kick lately and I think it’s producing better maps.

Are you going to do oblique shots too?

I was thinking exactly the same thing, flying at 300’. Job is scheduled for July 1st. I’ll let you know how I make out. Yes, I’m doing obliques too.

PanamediaPA, I forgot to ask, why do you think flying at 300’ is better? I usually fly around 225’ or 250’.

I did some recording of a cell tower, I didn’t have interference from it, which is what I would worry about.

I’m standing on one side of the tower, and flying to the other side.

Thank you Fribse, that eases my mind. I’m going to fly the mission at 300’ and stay about 60 feet away. That should give me at least 175’ of clearance.

Flight altitude is usually a function of subject matter. Very homogeneous (all look similar) subject matter like fields and forests require higher altitudes to get more unique shared reference features in each adjoining image to stitch with. Things like city streets with hard edge features can usually be flown lower.

It depends somewhat on what sort of antennae are on the tower. Basic cell antenna should be fine, but microwave dishes, FM broadcasters and others can cause you to lose video link or worse fry your GPS. See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaaJgqyHuNk
I flew within 100 feet of one in Middleboro last month with no issues, but it was just a monopole, no gut wires and just had what looked like cell phone antennae on it.
Can’t wait to hear how you make out!

I wanted to give an update. I flew the yard at 300’ and there were no issues. I was able to set my flight angle such that I was as far away from the tower as possible. Attached is a photo of the tower, it is a biggie.

Thanks for the input!