Drone deploy models on an ipad Pro


I have been using DD on a surface laptop for years using it to upload images from the flight and as a presentation tool of the 3d model. I have just ‘upgraded’ to the ipad Pro but it will not allow to upload or view the 3d models and requests use the desktop site.

Am i missing something? I have requested the desktop site but this has not fixed the issue?

Many thanks for any help in this matter.


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I have the same issue, would be nice to be able to load models on an IPAD pro

It used to work on my Pro 10.5, but then DD was utilising Sketchfab’s engines at the time. Worked a dream.

Then they switched 2-3 years ago to whoever provides it now, but was a massive step backwards in my mind. Not only do the models not show as much detail, whilst taking longer to load fully in many cases, but apparently it uses too many resources for it to work on a mobile device.

I don’t understand it, but I’m with you, it should work and there’s no reason a Pro couldn’t cope with it. A few people have asked me about it and I’ve have had to tell them, “Sometimes DroneDeploy don’t always get it right.”

It’s running Cesium and that’s what allows for takeoff in 3D and visualizing annotations. Once we get linework capability there will be no reason to have a static 2D view. Far more powerful than looking at a blank Sketchfab model… and that’s really just the start of it.

A step back to go forward. Nothing wrong with that although disappointing no headway has been made since the switch 3 years ago or so. Also the fact they chose to take away functionality from some that previously made use of it.

I’m not familiar with the software/coding, but is it really something an iPad Pro couldn’t cope with?

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It’s always disappointing at some level when software changes but I think making the 3D model a productive tool other than just a visual was the right call. Unfortunately I suspect that the lack of capability of SketchFab and licensing had allot to do with it. Also I believe it was a bit of a letdown that Cesium basically stopped development for iOS. There were allot of trials I saw using webview but I never saw anything come from it. It seems to be possible on Android devices but I haven’t seen any public results with iOS. Just from a specs standpoint I don’t see why any device from mid-2019 or 2020 couldn’t handle the load.