Drone deploy mission planning to sUAS, Free

I have used Drone Deploy before when I was able to use it as a limited user. I have another friend who is able to upload missions to his Mavic 2, he is not currently paying for the service. I tried the same thing but unable to make or upload a mission. We are Volunteer SAR. We need the program for limited missions and training. Suggestions are welcome. I can use the help.
On a secondary note can it now be used with the Mavic 2 Zoom both regular and Enterprise edition.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum.

The Drone Deploy flight control app is free and available to anyone. Processing plans are not free and are available at different price points.

If you are having difficulty planning and flying a mission, that has nothing to do with a processing plan.

With that clarified, can you better explain the issues you are having?