Drone Deploy for IOS and Inspire 1

I understand that initial beta testing will be for the android os and iOS will follow later. Is there documentation that is generic enough that I can read in preparation for iOS rollout that will allow me to transition quickly once iOS beta is available? Thanks

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iOS will most likely operate very similar to the android version. It will be a couple months behind the android release though.

is there an IOS beta available?

Unfortunately we do not have an ios beta at the moment.

Is there any update on a possible iOS beta or app yet?

We’re not yet rolling out an iOS app, but we hope to before the end of the year.

Hi, Just wondered if there are any updates on the iOS release? - If it isn’t close I may buy an android. any recommendations?

The goal is still the end of the year. We’re finishing up development and tests now.

Any possibility to sign up for beta (or alfa) testing of iOS?

We’re also excited for iOS beta, and will definitely make it known on the forum when yall can sign up! Appreciate your patience, everyone :blush:

If any of you are still interested in the iOS beta, it is available now and you can sign up here to be in the next batch of invites.