Drone deploy flight issue (Bad signal, reconnecting to drone...)

Distance from vantage point to drone is 1032 meters, elevation 100meters.

No way you can see a Mavic at that distance, but it’s your wallet. Looks pretty forested, are you above the trees as well?

Also, looks like a flight pattern that would probably benefit from Linear flight.

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I’d also consider losing the micro cable to the RC, Use the USB-A to the underside of the RC. It’s the only way of maintaining any form of connection between the RC and your phone.

That said, 1km+ alongside trees like that is suicide.

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For long distance flight, you need both clear line of sight and no interference. I also agree with the other comments.

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The spotter can see the drone using binocular . We are conducting shots of a river system. While the drone is taking off it automaticaly prompted bad signal.

It completed the flight plan and have taken all the shots. I cant see anything in the phone. Maybe its the cable. But the drone is new. It flew 9 times 2 successful flight and the rest is bad signal.

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There’s nothing wrong with the drone. It behaved just as mine would with the stock cable and being surrounded by trees at such a distance. If you were struggling from take off, the cable was at fault and this is well documented. Would be wise to swap it out before flying again.

A watcher can help in some instances, but it’s worth bearing in mind that he’s not going to be much use when you lose connection. A pair of binoculars doesn’t bring the drone home safely.

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If you cannot see the drone and navigate it with “unaided” vision you are not abiding by VLOS regulations. Same goes with the observer. All the observer allows you to do is keep your eyes on the screen and other equipment.

Anyways, so all is green and good to go until you takeoff?

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100% it’s the cable. It’s a bad connection. It’s good until it’s properly in use ie. takeoff and then the app, DD or Go4 will struggle. Note, the Drone isn’t losing connection with the RC. Just the RC with the phone.

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Copy that. Thanks all for your comments this helps a lot to our team.

Yes all is green an ready to go with DD, maybe 1 min or more while flying to the 1st waypoint it goes bad signal but it still finishes the flight plan and it took all the pictures.

While in DJIGO4 it also prompted remote controller connection error in a close distance of 10m altitute and 15m dist.

For those in '21
While I do prefer my rc have line of site to the aircraft, I do not appreciate drone police in a commercial forum such as DD.
That error is not what some may think it is. It is the software telling you that the connection to your hardware is having difficulties. It has nothing to do with the drone but the drone controller.
This could be as simple as a cable or a humidity issue but there is a lot of software/firmware routing that port connection.
Just understand that it is having trouble so you would want to correct it.
Unplug all connections.
Close all apps. Completely.
Power off each device.
Start fresh.
Fly safe.

This is one of those problems that could be one of many things or combination of things. It would be good to know if DJI Go4 says anything… Or we could get into the logs.

Wireless connection to the remote and as you and @JamesC mentioned using the micro-USB port could contribute. So could the lack of line of sight or signal interference. Either the drone or the RC could if their is an intermittent equipment failure other than the RC connections.

As for the policing as licensed pilots we should be guiding one another and holding each other accountable. Just as you said, fly safe.