Drone Deploy changes my camera setting

@Jamespipe So in your testing have you found that having a calibrated lens on the p4rtk produces measurable improvement or it’s a waste of time?


definitelly agree with you

A calibrated Camera makes the difference. Using a calibrated camera means that I really don’t need any GCP

Accuracy achieved with a a P4P with Klau PPK unit is approx 30-40mm to 2 sigma.

Normally I will try and put at least one GCP to check and to fix any errors in the camera due to Temp and climate conditions.

The main reason for the Camera Cal is to achieve a good Focal length for that camera without this vertical accuracy is poor

I suppose my issue with all this is I want to use 3:2 but Drone Deploy don’t allow me to do this.


Hi, we have had the same issue, M210 with the Klau PPK, and had to switch apps, i’d also been keen to know if this is something that is getting looked at, If not, it means we are unable to use Drone Deploy at all.

The lack of camera control in dronedeploy (3:2 aspect ratio, raw files) is extremely disappointing. The locations I am attempting to map are very expensive to visit and very remote. Not capturing all of the data the drone is capable of capturing due to short-sighted feature specifications is nearly a dealbreaker.

I think it’s sad you feel that way, but DroneDeploy uses the camera characteristics that it uses after testing and for a reason. Shooting in raw format does very little for mapping accuracies and increasing the side field of view actually hurts accuracy so what they have currently seems to be working just fine.

Also, major additional bug in Drone Deploy: the X7 sensor is a 3:2 aspect ratio sensor. No matter what you do it will change the mode to 4:3 in the DJI settings (and disable raw). This is cropping off lots of which is extreme dumb. But this is likely for a different thread.

On the left is GS Pro. On the right is DD. See the problem?

Yes, that has been brought up before. The P4P sensor is 3:2 as well and DD chooses to crop that to 4:3. If I recall, DD staff said that they understood that they were wasting data and would re-consider their choice. Maybe @MichaelL can remember the thread. Apparently they never got around to it. Something else they need to address as it can lead to more batteries than would otherwise be necessary.

Edit, found it:

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3ricj, I’m in a similar place re: looking for mapping solutions. I recently signed up for the DD business subscription to have GCP’s and try to develop some construction mapping clients. DD seemed like the easiest learning curve for getting started. I noticed right off that I’m only able to take jpg’s, but thought that was the standard in the industry. I can produce higher quality jpg’s starting with RAW and had been thinking about how to do that without disturbing the geometry. I had not spotted that my 3:2 was being auto-cropped to 4:3. There must be a good reason for it, but it sure sounds wrong to take highly capable equipment and start disabling capabilities.

My newcomer anxiety about quality of work product is heightened because the market development work I’ve done with potential clients doesn’t get much feedback about their level of satisfaction. These folks are easy to work with, but they’re all wide open with business and not keen on spending time communicating improvement needs. They just don’t call, but you don’t know why. So I look to forums like this and willing coaches that post here for guidance. Staying with DD for now, but am looking around too. The barriers to entry in this business, both knowledge and money, are steep enough that it makes sense to stay alert to alternatives.

In case it was missed since I had to move several posts into this thread.

I am not exclusively looking to make maps. The image data captured also is used in custom scientific applications. The additional bitdepth in raw files and capturing from the whole sensor is really needed.

In that case, I think you do want a different solution. DroneDeploy’s base functionality as designed is for mapping. We are working hard with the DD team to continue to improve, but at this time scenarios outside of mapping and simple media are not a focus.

LOL. Oh, that bug is a feature. Got it. :slight_smile:

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You can use DJI Go or any 3rd party software to capture the photos and then you can use DD to process the back-end stitching of the photos.

Don’t think you have to use the DD App to capture photos and use DD the Map Engine to process the photos.

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Correct. I also use QGroundControl with a Yuneec H520 and it works exactly the same.

I think you said you also use Map Pilot. You can purchase an add-on to capture RAW imagery.

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heh. Yeah… I’m testing all the offerings I can find. Map Pilot seems to struggle with a functional UI and tends to choke with high overlap/slow speeds/etc. I am often mapping in the bottoms of canyons (from the top) so my height is often negative (but my actual distance is great). this tends to really screw with software and overlap.

@3ricj take a look at the DJI Terra software, it’s new and might work for you or if not it might in the future. You can create and fy missions without buying the back-end service.

Is the DJI Terra app/flight planning software a free download? I can’t see it on the app store and their website just has a Contact Us option.