Drone Deploy changes my camera setting


@Jamespipe So in your testing have you found that having a calibrated lens on the p4rtk produces measurable improvement or it’s a waste of time?



definitelly agree with you


A calibrated Camera makes the difference. Using a calibrated camera means that I really don’t need any GCP

Accuracy achieved with a a P4P with Klau PPK unit is approx 30-40mm to 2 sigma.

Normally I will try and put at least one GCP to check and to fix any errors in the camera due to Temp and climate conditions.

The main reason for the Camera Cal is to achieve a good Focal length for that camera without this vertical accuracy is poor

I suppose my issue with all this is I want to use 3:2 but Drone Deploy don’t allow me to do this.



Hi, we have had the same issue, M210 with the Klau PPK, and had to switch apps, i’d also been keen to know if this is something that is getting looked at, If not, it means we are unable to use Drone Deploy at all.