Drone Deploy app, has no settings gear tap on lower left

I have a problem with Drone Deploy App. First, let me say that I am using the Phantom 3 Advanced drone and my mobile device is an Android phone: (Samsung Note 5). I am current with the latest firmware v1.8.80. and I have the DJI app closed.

Problem: I have planned a flight on my Desktop with an altitude of 140 feet and when I sync the plan and open it with my mobile device I notice that the flight altitude is set to 268 feet and not the 140 altitude that I set on my desktop. When I go to click on the gear symbol in the lower left corner of the app to adjust altitude the gear symbol is not there, only the battery indicator? How do I access the gear symbol to make adjustments?

I second to that missing setting button observation. The missions went fine using DroneDeploybeta v0.2.1 but there was no possibility to control anything… height, overlap…

Thank you C0ndu10,

So did you set your mission up online and then sync it to your mobile device? And more importantly, did it fly the mission with the settings that you put in online? Or did it use the preset settings that were there when you opened the app?


I just went there and created it on the spot… No syncing.

I have had a similar problem and thinking about it now, is it possible that one reading is from take off altitude and the other is above ground/sea level?
Just a thought.

Mark G.

I had a similar thought but based on the areas I have flown, this is not the case as it has been the ~265 ft value for each.

For some reason plan altitudes do not sync correctly if at all and the app takes over. This did not used to happen in the first couple versions of drone deploy.

What version of the App is installed on your phone?

Also the gear does not show up until you select the white checkmark to select the plan for flight or editing. This may be it.

1.4.7 I have not flown DD for a couple months and not usually with the inspire.