Drone Deploy API: FlightLogs.getLogsFromPlan returns apparently incorrect metadata

API: FlightLogs.getLogsFromPlan returns apparently incorrect metadata

In testing our Drone Deploy app, we noticed instances of the FlightLogs.getLogsFromPlan endpoint returning wrapper object with apparently incorrect times. For instance, one log file wrapper comes back as:

{downloadUrl: “https://s3.amazonaws.com//< REDACTED />.log”, startTime: “28 Oct 2016 - 04:00”, duration: “5 minutes”}

However, the final metadata in the log file is:

#Flight Recorder Session End
Date/Time (GMT) 10/28/2016 16:06:07
Elapsed Time (sec) 315.0

And, the raw log file has a “Mission did take off” state flag at 10/28/2016 16:01:06 and follow-on state flags of “FlyingNormally” until the last log line at 10/28/2016 16:06:07.

Although the duration appears to match, with some rounding, it is unclear how the startTime value of the wrapper object is derived (particularly since time zone information is not provided), and other log file returns have times local to the flight area and matching the actual log file contents.

This is not a blocking issue for our Drone Deploy integration since we rely on the raw log file, but does appear to be a bug. I did not include the full log file or other identifying information since they relate to the private account of one of our employees, but any Drone Deploy engineers looking at this can ping me for fuller details.

Thanks for the report Dana. I will get some eyes on this issue.

Hey Dana. Our mobile team told me they just resolved this issue. This fix should make it out in a few weeks. Thanks for the report.

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