Drone Deploy and SRTM

I work on a glaciers survey in Antarctica South Shetland Islands. I have a constant problem in processing data in DD obtained with SRTM enabled (terrain awareness). The problem exist no mater how big is the deviation in the altitude, but especialy bigger when the altitude difference exceed 100m.
Is there anyone with the same experience?

Agisoft Photoscan and PiX4D perform well with the same task. As an app I use MapPilot by Drone Made Easy. As an aircraft I use P4P and Mavic, IOS v. 12 - iPad Pro 10.5.

Regards, Oleg

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Hi @Oleg_Vassilev,

It is great to hear that you are using drones to carry out the glaciers survey in Antarctica. As for the processing issues that you mentioned, may I ask, what specific processing artifacts are you seeing when stitching the images with DroneDeploy? Please let us know so that we can further investigate.

Please also note that you can use our paid support chat and email if you want us to dig in further into this processing issue. We will be happy to help out there.

Happy mapping!

Hi Andrea,

  Flying with the aim of SRTM has lots of benefits comparing with flying in a fixed plane. However SRTM is limited to 56deg south which makes it unusable in Antarctica. I am participating in a program for long term monitoring of several glaciers in the South Shetland islands.

  At the moment I am doing comparison between ready for use SRTM and "self made" terrain awareness based on existing DEM. I am originally from Bulgaria and most of my trials are here or in the neighbouring countries. Here I enclosed a screen shots from a quarry where I flew both ways - fixed plane (by using Drone Deploy iOS app) and SRTM (by using Map Pilot iOS app). Both flights were done with same equipment.

  For regular processing I am using Agisoft Photoscan as it has educ license and for sharing and demonstration purposes I use Drone Deploy as a business subscription.

If you like you may have a look in my folder from Antarctica . I appreciate any suggestions which may affect positively the next summer Antarctic campaign.

  For each project I applied two screen shots with image boundaries included. If you like you can have a look [here](https://www.dronedeploy.com/app2/folders/59e337d591006300015875b7).

My regards, Oleg


Di you get my reply Andrea?

Hi @Oleg_Vassilev,

Thank you so very much for providing this information and my apologies for the delay in response. The Antarctica maps are really beautiful and it is definitely a great use case. So, we hope you can continue using DroneDeploy for your drone mapping projects.

In regards the processing issue that you are experiencing, I went ahead and took a look at the maps from the folder “Rodopi” but I don’t see any specific stitching issue in those maps. May I ask, are you experiencing issues with the elevation map or with the volume measurements?

If you could let me know why more details what specific stitching issue you are experiencing I will be happy to take a deeper look at it.

Have a great day in the meantime and happy mapping!