Drone Deploy and Post Processing Expert Needed! (For Hire)

Are you experienced in creating topographical maps using Drone Deploy that would allow you to visually design based off collected data? Does this type of thing keep you up at night?


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We’re looking for an expert in the Drone Deploy or RTK post software to help with a workflow with topographical maps using surveyed data. (these will be imported to the a 3D software for landscape and site design) For example.

This is a great opportunity to work on a quick project that has the potential to lead to consistent work.


• Experience with Drone Deploy

• Experience with RTK post processing and workflow ( Including using and merging data from a ground survey)

• A clear understanding of digital site design.

You are able to work remotely. Let’s connect if you’re up for the challenge!

Sure - I do topography with and without GCDs, 3D surfaces (dxf mostly) and volumetrics routinely using a M2P and a F4. You can contact me via drone1957@gmx.com.

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