Drone deploy and low passes

In the spirit of COP26, monitoring soils heath by mapping earthworm density!!

One of the project we are doing at the Royal Agricultural University is counting worms in soil, and we need to be able to fly the drone only 1-2m off the surface of the ground, in order to capture the required resolution (we are looking at worm upcasts actually). It seems that DD only goes down to 10m. First question is can this be reduced at all - or are there other apps that will do this. Second question - will DD be able to process the images, as i imagine many will have the same GPS co-ordinates / a bit random (would we have to investing in RTK for instance?).

We will have to switch off collision avoidance of course, but the fields are pretty flat!

Im using a P4 Adv. by the way, but open to suggestions of other drones that might do this task better.

One workaround with DD:
If you can find a place nearby that is 10m lower, then you could plan the mission from there. The 10m limit applies to the takeoff point.


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One thing we requested a while back was to be able to fly a Live Map to generate a rough surface for that and then be able to use that surface for Terrain Following. It may look like a field is flat but when you cover a certain amount of distance you would be surprised how many feet they can slope which would be a serious consideration with flying that low because GSD becomes much more important. I would think even an altitude of 6-7 meters would provide enough resolution to be able to see a marble. Another issue to take into consideration is if DroneDeploy can fly slow enough to maintain good overlaps. My guess is at that altitude you’re only going to be able to fly at 3-6km/h.