Drone Deploy and Inspire 1 1 Nov 2015

Am running Inspire 1 with firmware 1.05.0011 and latest DD on Nvidia Shield tablet. Planned and flew 1st mission (after many failed attempts using same DD and latest DJI release firmware). Mission flew great but images were too dark… really hate that there is no live video feed or options to adjust camera settings while airborne.

Flew 2nd mission today. Had trouble 1st with passing camera on checklist. Then Mission would not load. Reset aircraft and made many more attempts before it finally passed the checklist and flew the mission.

Experienced this problem on both flights… when mission completed the Inspire camera returned to forward facing but kept taking pictures. Quitting the app did not help. Resetting power on the Inspire was the only thing that helped.

I recall this was mentioned before, but switching between DJIGo app and Drone Deploy is a bit of a pain. I did make sure DJIGo was closed before running Drone Deploy.

Lots of great information there hope you can get to the bottom of it. Can I suggest trying a different tablet for starters just to eliminate possibilities. I’m assuming everything else was current for firmware (battery, & controller)?

So many variables so many different outcomes, best to start with process of elimination at best and go from there.

IMO ~ Good Luck!
(BETA testing can’t always be fun and roses)

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