Drone Deploy and DJI GO conflicts resolved on Android

Drone Deploy and DJI GO apps on Android to not play well together. I have found the best way to make them compatible without much resistance with a few simple steps on Lollipop 5.x.x and Marshmallow 6.x.x. I have made a video detailing the procedures.


Hi @Rattlebars, thank you for sharing this with the community!

thank you @Rattlebars! This solved my problem

I would like to inform those who have an Android that actually gives you a choice to make the program that runs with the USB event permanent or just once. Choose Just once for DJI GO & Drone Deploy. You don’t need to uninstall, just go to settings and clear defaults for the apps DJI GO and Drone Deploy. NEVER choose “ALWAYS” on the older versions of Android (5.0.1). Anything above that version (5.1.1) one must clear defaults with settings each and every time you select DJI or DD to be the app to capture the USB at the event which is the only way both apps can grab it. You cannot run either of these apps from the desktop.

Here is how to do this easy method on Android 5.0.1 and earlier. conflicts resolved in seconds!


In the version coming up we also provide a quick link to the DJI go settings when the app opens for marshmallow users.

An dwould be nice Chasemgray to have a “close app” function in DD
For the moment, only “killing” app is possible, not so nice …

I have a Galaxy S5 with Marshmallow and I cannot get this to work. I followed this to a ‘T’ and can’t get either apps to connect to my P4. I have to uninstall the DD app to get the DJI app to work again. My workaround is to run DD with my iPad (older one that doesn’t fit in the cradle) and use the phone for DJI Go.

Any one else have issues even after following this video?

Well, very difficult to get the connection with the bird since the last updates of DD.
Waiting for drone … Connect the drone …Well !!
Once, I got a connection for few seconds then lost again …

Hi Cousin

Sorry to hear that. What device are you on?

Samsung Tab S2 4G.
Worked fine with older versions.
I could start a fly once on many tries, may be 15 …

And BTW, no sync for plans scheduled on the tab which are not found back on the PC