Drone Deploy Aborts before Takeoff


Mavic Pro Platinum using GO 4 current version. Firmware updated in last few days.

  1. Using GO 4 app, check items off.
  2. Shut Down GO 4 App
  3. Start Drone Deploy, app goes thru checklist and then has (I think) “Controller Problem” with this statement “Check to see if MULTIPLE FLIGHT MODES” is on. Asks if firmware has been upgraded recently.
    Will not Continue.


Hi @Wfb,

We currently do not officially support the Mavic Pro Platinum so there is no guarantee that we can provide a stable solution. For reference, here’s a list of our Supported Drones.



Thanks for the info.

From what I have read, I would think there would be no difference between the Pro and the Pro Platinum as far as software is concerned.


I think that I have satisfied myself that the Platinum must be somewhat different. Christina, are your DD guys going to have a version for the Mavic Pro Platinum at some point?




Hi @Wfb,

We don’t have any plans or announcements to share right now, but our Supported Drones page will be updated accordingly if anything changes.