Drone Crash while doing a programmed Video Flight

I was flying my Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 on Thursday doing a programmed video capture flight and there was some interference with the drone for a few seconds and when it gained back connection it crashed into a tree. And I am trying to obtain the last location of the drone in the drone deploy flight logs for that mission and the only location I got from their support after sending them the flight logs is the location where the drone took off from.
has anyone else have this problem. where drone deploy is not allowing you to get the last GPS location of your drone?

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Has anyone had this experience before

Have you flown the plan before and verified that it is over all obstructions?

Could you see it?

Did the screen turn black or green?

I had somewhat of a similar problem. I got the mag interference warning before it fell. I recently did a flight at a dairy farm for measuring feed lots. I started the go4 app and had a baramoter warning and an IMU warning. I relcalibrated everything and took to flight. It ran good for 3 minutes then started losing altitude. Before I knew it, it went from 150 feet to the top of a feed pile and landed upside down. I replaced the props and tried to refly the next day at a more familiar location. This time I noticed it was starting to lose altitude again so I tried to RTH and just about everything else, but was unresponsive. The drone fell from about 80 feet after the initial 150 feet, straight to the concrete. Why is this happening?

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