Drone Connected, No Fly Icon (New App+P3Pro)

Just installed DroneDeploy new app on both my phone and tablet and it says that the drone is connected, but i can only edit my flight plans, can’t fly it doesnt show me the fly icons.

hi @Syd_Nahu - this will be clearer going forward, sorry about that. At the moment, it shows the save icon when the drone does not have a GPS signal.

Thing is, it does have a GPS signal, i can use the GO app and others and it works just fine with GPS modes.

At the moment tapping the save symbol makes the pre-flight check start and then the plane symbol comes up. If the pre-flight check shows everything is safe to fly then tap the plane symbol and the flight will start. It is quite confusing at the moment and was better designed when the blue plane symbol indicated setup in progress and the green plane symbol was for takeoff.

I had this a couple of times but my mode was set to P & not F, DD app does not tell you as the old version did…

Well, that’s the thing, i got gps signal with all the other softwares how come i don’t with DD?
Also i check that DJI Go app is closed, but still can’t fly, i would love to buy your product guys (since it offers me all the things i need) but i can’t even try it!

  • I’m always on F
  • Batteries are full on both
  • Got GPS Signal in other apps (DJI Go, pix4d, etc)
  • DJI App is always closed and tried forcing it to stop aswell.
  • Installed and Re-Installed the app on my nvidia shield tablet and my s6 edge

And yet it doesnt let me fly.

Any news here as I experience exactly the same?!?
Habe to say in the moment as I did already successfull flights with the same Dji Inspire?!

Does the capture Feature of DD has any relation to if I have paid account? Thought no and that I pay for the cloud calculation?

Confusing I did change nothing except updates - trink Do right flight prep but no Fly symbol only the blue ‘save’?

Help and ideaa very welcome!!


Btw.: same experience on both IOS and Android!