Drone coming back home at 45%

Hello i have really been struggling with my mavic pro and drone deploy mapping missions, since the app will always bring back home the drone. At a 45 % battery, which is obviously bad , I have tried to change that in the dji go app setting it at 25% but it just won’t work

The value won’t change - doesn’t save?

The value changes and saves in the DJI GO app , i set it to come back at 20% but DroneDeploy will still bring back at a 45% battery

El El dom, 27 de enero de 2019 a la(s) 12:04, Michael Lambert via DroneDeploy Forum dronedeploy@discoursemail.com escribió:

It’s helpful when recording bugs to include a little more detail…

What device and OS?
When did it start?
Does it happen in all plans?
Does the drone actually return at 20% when you are using DJI Go?

Samsung Galaxy S8 - Android 8.0…0.

I think it started when i upgraded to PRO the beginning of february

I have not checked if it will come back at 20% with DJI Go

Apologies, this is the first time I have heard of something like this so I don’t have any immediate answers. Please run a low battery and test the functionality of DJI’s Auto-RTH and report back. The only thing that I can think might cause something like this is a fault in the DJI systems protection. You would surely see this in their interface.