Drone começa normalmente e para depois de fazer algumas fotos

Summary of Issue:
On my last flight on Friday, my DJI phanton 4 pro did the mapping map I’ve done before, I called the controls and the drone and the dronedeploy sent all data and made all the check list and the drone started the mission was all normal when he started the second line of the map the drone stopped and I was forced to abort the mission and I repeated it 3 times and always the same error. What can this be?

Thank you very much…

Date Issue Began: 25-06-2018

Drone Model: Phantom 4 Pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version: 11.4

DroneDeploy App Version: 2.75.0

Hi @helton_zanatta,

I’m sorry to hear you experienced problems with your recent flight. The behavior you described is consistent with what happens when there is electrical interference, causing the drone to lose connection, and stop or deviate from a flight path. I’m curious to know if you calibrated your compass before the flight? Also, what type of site were you flying at? Were there any large metal equipment or power lines nearby?

Please avoid flying at a site with high electrical activity, including sites with construction equipment or near power lines. If the problem persists, I would recommend recalibrating your IMU just to be sure and to avoid flying at that site.


Obrigado pela resposta rápida, sim, foi perto de um portão de metal eu acho que isso contribuiu para as falhas, não tinha pensado nisso, vou refazer o processo e verificar oamente.

Muito obrigado.