Drone 3d scanning

We are currently pursuing finding new technology in order to take accurate field measurements for around buildings, ramps & stairs in order to fabricate steel railings.

We do numerous amounts of field measurements every week by hand with our project managers and I would like to streamline this process in order to save time and also to possibly eliminate any human error while performing this process. We currently are using Tekla Structures for detailing our shop fabrication drawings and I was looking for new technology to somehow take all of this up to the next level and to help improve or even to eliminate any rework due to the finished product not fitting up properly. Can you help point me in the right direction?
Keith Smith
Senior Project Manager

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You might be better served with a terrestrial scanner. The nature of photogrammetry will not allow it to model to those specs. You need a much denser point cloud. The downside is that you have to engineer some scaffolding or be lucky enough to have access to a nearby rooftop when doing metal buildings and such… :grin: Going from the laser scanner to Tekla should be pretty straight forward.

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Thanks for the information

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Most are expensive, but do plenty of research and you can probably find something in the $15-45k range. This is the bleeding edge right now and your wallet will. Here’s a couple of examples of high and low.



Thanks for the information, I’m still searching for the right laser scanner to be used on construction sites.


There are hand-held ones also that are very good at imaging, but it would be a task to align the individual scan to create a mosaic… Good hunting!

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The choice of method for scanning and the 3d scanner depends on your tasks and objectives. For example, if you work with very large objects and buildings and you believe that using of LIDAR system to be installed on UAV can help to improve field measurements - then you can check low cost LIDAR from Quanergy (~$7000), Velodyne sensors (around $8000) or YellowScan (from $100k). Your budget has a significant impact on your choice.
If the objects are not huge, then professional LIDAR 3D scanners can be recommended as well. Leica solutions, Artec Ray and many others.
Besides many tasks can be solved with various hand-held 3D scanners. There are a lot of reviews that may help you.

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