Downloading All (raw) images

Hi there,

Is it possible to download all the original images that where uploaded for processing.

This is because the original image’s are lost and it would be really great to download the original images that where uploaded for processing.

Currently I can only find an option for downloading the images one by one.

Contact and they may be able to help you. Give them a link to the DD Mission so they can look at the photos.

I don’t know if they have a FTP site or any type of batch download. @Adam_Carp might be able to help.

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Just curious, were they able to help you batch download your images? I need the same thing.

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Hey Guys, at this time we do not offer batch download of imagery natively but there is an app on our app store which allows you to do so. It’s called CompanyCam. I believe it is a paid service but that they may offer a trial for your first use with them. I’d always recommend though to just save all images to an external drive just in case.

Thanks @Kaitlin, that’s great. Anyone who doesn’t have their original imagery in its original form at least in duplicate is a knucklehead so I’m assuming that this might be more of a function of being able to allow someone else to download the images for sharing purposes or maybe in a complete disaster recovery scenario. We keep three instances. Two live servers at different locations and a static NAS off site. This includes all originals, ACDSee edits and PPK tagging. Storage is way too cheap to not be foolproof.

If you haven’t noticed it I would like to report that it is now possible to download all the original images that you uploaded for processing. At this time it is only available to Enterprise customers and can be found at the bottom of the Export type options. Now we can share the images straight from DroneDeploy instead of having to setup another Google Drive or Dropbox or OneDrive or… you get the idea.