Download DSM/DTM & import into Phantom 4 RTK

Hey Everyone,

I was doing some research today and I couldn’t find something specific.
I currently fly the same sites every month, and I have a old DTM model that isn’t very accurate anymore as this is an open excavation site:

Would anyone know the workflow to Export a DSM or DTM from a current uploaded map of the site and import the new DSM/DTM onto the Phantom 4 RTK so that the next flight Terrain Awareness is more accurate and precise according to the new DSM that was flown from the previous capture?
I have QGIS if that helps for the workflow?

I wonder about correcting the DTM but so far I was only able to export in a .Tiff file from dronedeploy and not sure if the correct format would be then used for the phantom 4?

Thanks In Advance

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Anyone want to chip on this? @MichaelL Perhaps?

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Personally I have never manually imported a DSM (DEM) into a P4 RTK but I would assume you download a DEMTiff. Do you have the SDK controller or the built-in screen? What software does it use? I’m not sure if DroneDeploy natively exports something compatible so you may have to go through a workflow on something like QGIS. Note that the DEMTiff will need to be on WGS84 coordinates.