Download 3d models as 3ds files?

One of the use cases I’m interested in trying out is taking an exported 3d model of a yard, and using a program like sketchup to mock up a new construction/feature on the property.

(I’m sure there are more professional applications out there to do this in, but my (distant) past use of 3d studio max clearly demonstrated how cumbersome more technical programs can be, and how astronomically faster for simple things sketchup was when google first put it out.)

Sketchup cannot import .obj files, just .3ds
I imagine that having point clouds, obj and 3ds files should cover most of the bases.

I am going to try use Wings 3D to convert it, then see how sketchup handles the mesh. If anyone has any alternate suggestions to sketchup that work well for this scenario, I’d be interested in it. This is just a hobby, and I can always just pencil together a plan from measurements, but this is possibly an easier way to get my wife to buy in (or offer her suggestions before I’ve otherwise committed myself).



Addition: Sketchup crashed trying to load the .3ds file that Wings3d created in converting from .obj. Not sure if this is due to the file being much bigger than sketchup’s expected small models from their warehouse, form a bad conversion from Wings3d, or from a separate problem that sketchup needs to correct. The bug report I sent them may prompt their consideration of this use case, if it isn’t already on their radar.

Understood- we have a list of potential add-ons for 3D model outputs, and we’ll note that you’ve found .3ds useful as we prioritize new exports. Thanks!