Double grid oblique flight paths?

I am looking to make a very detailed model of a small plot of land. I was wondering how you would go about creating flight paths that take slightly oblique images instead of nadir.

Are you doing 3D?
I would do the nadir double grid at 90 degrees to each other.
You could then supplement those by using the POI feature in the DJI app to do orbits with obliques - just keep the sky out of the images.
Or you could fly manually sideways with the camera oblique to get good images. It’s part art and part science.
Check out this document.

Yes 3d. There Is allot of trees, large rocks and cliffs on the plot. I would like to model it in more detail than what I got with just nadir images. I know I can do allot of points of interest using the DJI go app or Litchi. I was wondering if it might be better to fly the nadir route twice at right angles to each other and have a 10 to 45 deg angle the whole time for both flights. And skip the nadir all together. Does DD have an option to set gimbal angle while flying a route? What would be the best angle for a double route like I described. Or is this just a bad idea. Very new to this.I have only done a few flights with nadir only and one with obliques and poi.

Like Gary said it’s part art and part science, but I’ve seen guys talk about doing double grids with the gimbal at 70 degrees and getting good results. DD doesn’t have the option to set the gimbal angle as of yet. I think the Pix4D and DJI GS are the 2 that come to mind that have that capability currently.

Ok thanks for the recommended gimbal settings. I looked at DJI GS. I will try that next. It also looks like Altizure might do 5 different passes with different angles. With either of these I should still be able to upload my images to DD.

Yes, you can fly with any of the flight apps and upload to DD for processing.

Hi there, you can now fly double grid missions with DroneDeploy, you just need to install this DD app from the App Market:

This also allows you to set the gimbal angle.