Double Grid Mission?

Not trying to compare DD to Pix4D… but is there any plans to offer a “double grid” option?


If I fly a double grid mission manually (or with the pix4d app doing the work), can I upload all the images and have the system create a better 3D model because of the additional data?

You can upload the additional images for a better 3D model. We are also planning some new flight modes.

How do you upload additional images to a complete map?? @chasemgray

In the new UI that was temporarily disabled. Support can turn the old UI on for you if you have to do that while we enable it on the new UI. Just email

Ok thanks for the quick reply @chasemgray ! Is there anyway to download the images from a completed project? My problem is that i uploaded them and erased from my computer and now i want them back.

We can get the images. It’s not available to users just yet. Support will be in tomorrow morning and can do that for you.

Ok ill check with them

Thanks again!

I didnt get a response. Do you know how long they take to answer? Or any recommendation to get a quicker reply? Thanks in advance @chasemgray

They did not reply… Do you know how long is the average wait time or if there is anything i can do to make it quicker?

Thanks in advance! @chasemgray


@chasemgray sounds like some cool stuff coming. Any more hints, details or dates you can share :thinking: