Does the Trial Software work on a PC?

Hi, We uploaded photos, started the process, you wrote to say the map was finsihed, but we see no link to view or download the maps and data. Is this normal on a PC workstation, do we need to be on a mobile device to use this software? We are trying the “trial” version of the software.

So far, this is not what we are looking for.

Hi @M_Walker,

When you log into your free account you should see the map is now set as complete. in the right window you should see your map overlapped onto the default layer. You can then switch between views of 2d orthos, elevations, 3d models and plant health (NDVI etc). You should be able to utilize this on any device, mobile, pc, ios, android or windows. There are some things that don’t load onto a mobile, like the 3d models as of yet.

With the trial account you wont be able to export these files in a downloadable format, but you should be able to see them in the account it self.