Does the client have to buy Pro version as well?

I am thinking of upgrading to pro version…but then i had the inkling that my clients would need to as well if i wanted them to be allowed to use the elevation feature, 2cm quality and other features the pro module offers.

My question is. If I have the pro module, create the maps which includes 2cm rez and all the other main features, and then share this map so my client can add their own annotations and do their own area and volumn calculations…would they need to not only join DD but also have to be a Pro member even though i am and was the one that create the map under my account?

Hey @AAW,

So on the annotation side of things collaboration and annotations are part of the “explorer” (free) level of DroneDeploy, so there should not be an issue for that, however the volumetrics is part of at least the Pro Version. That i would guess would preclude them from being able to generate their own volumetrics from the free account. However, since you are able to annotate and collaborate with them via the free account a quick work around is that they could annotate the areas in which volume measurements are needed, and you could put them in and share the data to them in their free accounts.

I dont work for DD so they might jump on here and correct me but that is my level of understanding of your issue.

Scott Lashmit

Thank you, Scott. This document has everything AAW needs to know: :slight_smile:

awesome thanks, not sure if you saw the answer i gave but hope it was along the smae lines ill also share this link with them

This is how i figured i would have to do things. So here is another Q for Drone Deploy to answer…

If i were to go about surveying as i were but use the free account…I then ask the clients to buy their own account. This way THEY can do all the updating and calculating on their own. Will this way of doing things allow the pixel resolution bump up to 2cm for them using the shared mission that i upload into my free account which would normally only allow for 5cm resolution?

The reason why i ask is because there is no need for me to be in the middle of a clients requests when they are doing constant measurements such as the large Ikea job we are doing. We don’t have time to sit down every day with them to update their requests with their engineers and construction workers.