Does it work on the P4P+?

Does work with the P4P+ (the one which has built in screen)?

Does not officially work for any of the P4 Pros yet :slight_smile:

It’ll be available in the New Year. The team is working through the SDK right now. There’ll be an announcement when it’s ready to go.

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However, I was told that you can NOT load 3rd party apps onto the Phantom 4 Pro +…the ‘+’ has a dedicated display that you cannot currently load other applications on besides DJI Go.

Yes you can download certain apps on the remote since it’s running a version of Andriod… You can download

I don’t believe droneeeploy is able to be downloaded on it at the moment. The play store says the app is incompatible. We are looking into it but not sure what’s the cause.

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Following this thread…Want to use autopilot for mapping.

You can use the point of interest mode and take manual shots. Then fly closer and upload them to dd

@Darren_Cassar, could you explain this point?

You can use DJI 'S GO app’s point of interest feature and take pictures a couple of seconds apart while you rotate around your subject area. Then manually upload these images to DD. Not optimal, but doable.

Does anyone have any news on DroneDeploy working with any P4 Pro?

Just in case you didn’t notice, we did release P4 Pro support in the latest iOS app. Some users reported some white balance issues and we are releasing an update soon for that. Not all users see that issue though and we’re not sure why some users do and some don’t.


I have yet to successfully connect my P4P using android. Is it available, or do I need to wait a bit longer?


Hi Bruce,

Android support is coming very soon, promise.


Thanks. I’m waiting with baited breath :slight_smile:


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Still no word on when we will have Android support for the P4Pro?

The latest android app supports P4 pro. P4 pro plus won’t work due to the DJI tablet

Ok thanks. I hadn’t picked up that a different app had been released and have been waiting for an update to the one that I had installed. I’ll get out and try it :slight_smile:

Update: Took it out for a small mission. I have to say that I am very happy with the smooth way that it flew the mission perfectly. Finally one app that just works the way that it should :slight_smile: :grinning:

Sorry @howick have you said a new app for p4p? Or it is the new version of the DD app?

It is still the same app. The name of the app in Google Play is “DroneDeploy DJI Inspire/P3/P4”.

When I made that post I had noticed the difference to what the name is on the device “DroneDeploy” and had mistakenly thought that it was a new app