Does anyone have a direct number to DroneDeploy's Sales team?

Hello, I am working with a solar company trying to find a 3d modeling software for commercial buildings, and DroneDeploy is one of the softwares I am looking at.

I filled out DroneDeploy’s form to be reached out to on Jan 12th, and have yet to hear from their sales team. Unfortunately I am being hounded by higher ups to find a software by the end of this week so I will need to get in contact with their sales department ASAP.

If anyone would be able to help me out with this, I would appreciate it.



@Andrew_Fraser can hook you up.

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@Yulister happy to help! Just so I can point you in the right direction, where is your company located and how many employees do you currently have?


Hello Ian! We are based out in Park City Utah and have 51-100 Employees.

@Yulister I’d be your POC here. Feel free to email me @ so we can set up a conversation.

Talk soon,

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