Does anybody here have a method for using VARI to monitor vegetation condition. How?

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We’re using it as a tool to monitor the condition of vegetation (natural, not crops) at a number of pe-selected (and clearly delineated) sites. These monitoring sites are relatively small, varying from about 1-3 Ha in size.

The idea is to track how this vegetation condition changes at individual sites, monitored annually at the same times in the seasonal cycle.

The VARI ‘plant health’ tool in drone deploy seems extremely useful for this, guaging reflected green light -which for our purposes proxies as plant health. We wish to measure and compare that plant health condition for a stipulated site, year after year. Just to clarify , we are also doing on ground vegetation mointoring, the UAV is simply a complementary technique.

I want to know whether anybody else is doing this, and if so, exactly what measures are you using from the plant health tool. Clearly the total area of ‘bare ground’ within the monitoring site would be one very obvious and replicable measure for plant health, but what else are people doing?




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Hi, i use the Plant health regularly to monitor crops. I normally fly purposely to use this feature on monthly base provided that the crops between 3 months-9months old.

since you are using this Plant health feature for vegetation probably for forestry purposes, maybe it will be great to do it before the scheduled routine ground monitoring, so during the actual ground monitoring, you may visit the specific sites that may have problems, mark the site, take soil samples from the specific site and compare with the soil taken from the healthy sites.

additionally, i also do check the elevation map feature and sometimes correlate with problems in specific sites shown in the Plant health feature, this is just to check whether some of the slopy parts of the site have bad drainage so the plant may die due to too much water.

I think that’s all