Does anybody fly a DJI Phantom Pro 4?

Does anybody fly a DJI Phantom Pro 4?

Yes, but does not get past the initial screen. It spins endlessly on my Samsung Tab S2 w/
Android 7.0
According to specs, it requires Android 7.0 or later

I have tried a S8, S21 and S22 and I can’t get any to connect and recognize my Phantom 4 pro camera correctly. I had this happen last year and I just used my S21 but it doesn’t fix the problem this year. Thanks for responding.

I do as well. I use an iPhone 12 and 13 Pro to fly and have not had any issues recognizing the camera correctly. If using an android device, here is was I found under the Supported Devices page on Drone Deploy. Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet) – DroneDeploy Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply

I have the P4Pv2. How can Inhelp?

What device do you fly your drone with? I am having trouble using my Samsung S21 and S22. I just purchased a Ipad mini 6 and I can’t get that to connect to drone at all.

Any input would be appreciated.


I wanted to do a follow up on my Android phone issue. Yesterday I went out to drone with my perfectly good drone which I had used all day on an I phone 13 pro the prior day. Nest day I then tried to use my Galaxy S22 phone and DD would not recognize the camera. It would automatically go to the Mavic 2 camera and would not give you an area to change it back. I had this issue in prior years and would borrow an Apple phone to finish my job.

I proved it to myself that Dronedeploy is not compatible with some android phones.

Thank You.

Please comment.

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I’ve been using an S22 ultra with the P4P. It always worked until the update from March 28th. Now it won’t launch the mission, says something vague like “failed to start mission”. Gets through the preflight checks still though… just won’t launch. Been using drone harmony in the meantime. I just updated the DD app again today and will test it sometime next week.

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I’m giving up and buying a new I phone 13 pro but still disappointed with DD. Pretty much got nothing from them except we will make note.



Did you ever test the DD app again?

I too have the Phantom 4 Pro V2 and gave up trying Android phones and tablets.

I was “forced” to purchase an expensive IPAD so the DD software would run. My problems were that after replacing the battery in a multi-battery mission that the drone would fly back out to where the last battery ran out and then not be able to focus the camera (that’s what the message was) and then it would return. Once every 4 or 5 missions the DD software would run correctly on multi-battery missions using my android tablet and Samsung phone. Since using a IPAD I’ve not had that problem. However the IPAD does overheat which really irritates me so I use those liquid ice packs you freeze to keep the stupid thing cool.

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Thanks for responding. I have been having this problem for a couple of seasons and I too broke down and bought an apple phone and now it works most of the time. I still having problems on multi battery missions.