Does a calibrated elevation Geotiff export out the calibrated elevations?

Does a calibrated elevation toolbox image export out as a Geotiff with the calibrated elevations?

This was tried here, and the the Geotiff has no calibrated elevations upon export, it just returns the 8-bit 0-255 color numbers for an RGB image when viewed in image processing software.

Now, when the Geotiff is viewed in an image software, the surface numbers are not elevations, but the 0-255 8-bit color table numbers.

Have others seen this, a calibrated elevation surface not returning the calibrated elevations upon Geotiff export, but the 0-255 8-bit color table numbers? Is this a bug, or does DD not export out to Geotiff the calibrated surface elevations? Or perhaps a setting was missed here when exporting, to ensure the calibrated numbers were output.

Any advice appreciated, an example of a calibrated Geotiff export method used seen below-


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