DNG support as an option

In DJI drones there is a massive difference in quality in JPG files and the DNG files, I am many other request to get DNG support as an option, Then one can use a RAW converter of own choice to turn into JPG files with much better results and way more control.

I have seen here your only answer to this request is the drone is to slow to write to card, I have a hard time believing this, especially for Inspire 2 for example, it can do pretty much unlimited frames in RAW until SSD is full.

Its one simple checkbox to add, its in the SDK.


Nah, no response, great.

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Still waiting for reply on this subject, This is required for what I would like to use this tool for, use own RAW converter. Much better image quality.

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It is definitely slower. 10 seconds per photo instead of 2 for everything except inspire 2, which is 5 seconds.

Right now there isn’t planned support but it could always change in the future.

10 seconds and 5 seconds to write one DNG file, in no way is it that slow.

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Directly from the DJI documentation:


  • The time interval in seconds when two photos are taken as the aircraft moves
  • between the current waypoint and the next waypoint. The first photo will be
  • taken as the aircraft leaves the current waypoint.
  • The maximum value is 6,000.0. The minimum value is above 0.0 and depends on
  • the camera type and the camera parameters. When the photo file format is
  • JPEG, the recommended minimum value is 2.0. When the photo file format is
    > * RAW, the time interval between two photos cannot smaller than 10 seconds for
    > * all cameras except those on the Inspire 2 which can be 5 seconds. If the
  • input exceeds the camera’s capability, the pictures will be taken at the
  • maximum possible speed.

Also remember that these are the recommended numbers that DJI has tested is reliable. It may sometimes be faster but you can’t reliably assume it will be.

Hello, I finally tested several options for autonomous surveys using a Mavic Pro. In general, Drone Deploy works well, and the Mavic Pro is remarkably stable and easy to use.

Unfortunately, even though I have RAW image capture selected in DJI Go app, DroneDeploy captures JPG, as several others have noted on this forum. The JPG image quality is poor, and limits the photogrammetric quality.

Tests using manual triggering to collect RAW provide superior image quality and the ability to adjust exposure, white balance, etc. in post-processing before running through SfM software.

It seems trivial for DroneDeploy to honor the RAW image capture selection. If the problem is longer write times to microSD card, then the software should be able to limit the flight speed based on altitude and overlap selections. I’m not sure that the DJI doc above applies to the Mavic Pro.

Even if there is a limit of 10 seconds, I’d rather have a slower survey with quality images than a bunch of useless JPG flown quickly. Honestly, @chasemgray, I’m not convinced by your arguments. This should be an easy fix.

Please add the RAW image capture, as it will enable professional mapping quality with DroneDeploy and Mavic Pro. We need this! As far as I’m concerned, this is the major limitation of DroneDeploy right now, and I can’t use it for production work. Thanks. -David


There is a way around DD not being compatible - choose ‘use third party camera’ in the Dronedelpoy account options. Plan your mission, and start flying it as normal, once the drone has taken off and is on its way to first waypoint, open the DJI GO app and set the camera on timelapse taking raw photos.

Just be sure to limit the speed in DD planner so the overlap is ok at the max speed raw photos can be taken at depending on your drone, it will be slower than jpegs.

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DNG support would be great ! As @dshean already said, tje JPG quality of the Mavic is really poor and for anything remotly serious using RAW image is essential to get a decent quality.

I use my Mavic to make orthomosaïcs and the lack of DNG support made me switch to an other app that offer DNG support (lets just say the one that claim to make maps easy). That was unfortunate because I liked more the user interface of Drone Deploy and also beacause DD have somes features that the other app is missing, but those features are not as critical as the DNG support.

@chasemgray The time interval between two RAW shots on the Mavic with this other app is arround 3 seconds… far smaller than the 10 seconds mentioned in the documentation ! With thousands of RAW shots taken in this manner, this time interval is definitely reliable. The conclusion is simple, there is absolutely no good reason to not offer DNG on DD.

On a side note, DD is free to use, but I would be ready to pay to unloack an option to shot RAW!

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Is DNG support already in by now or not yet?

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Great tip! Will definitely give this a try.

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Hi @tajino,

We do not support DNG at this time and we don’t have any plans to at the moment. Hopefully @jackwrangham’s suggestion works out for you. :slight_smile:


When I use the DJI Go app on my Phantom 4 Advanced I can shoot raw images every 2 or so seconds with no problems at all.

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Come on… The quality of DNG is so infinitely superior. I am hoping you (DJI) will reconsider adding this as an option. Why must we always have to do “workarounds” rather than just incorporating the functionality?

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I see this original thread requesting DNG support is quite old and there has been no movement from DD. I’d just like to renew this request.

Unfortunately, JPG doesn’t create sharp enough images for the demands of our clients and customers. It’s no longer 2015, drone camera technology has advanced at a lightning pace and these lens and sensor combos are capable of phenomenal detail via RAW imaging. Your competitors are offering this feature and our clients are demanding this level of detail.

I understand the sheer amount of bandwidth and cloud processing that it takes to process RAW images over JPG, but, that is where the industry and your customers are headed.