DJI S900 with A3 flight controller

I have been using a Inspire 1 Pro for about a year now (almost) without any problems, but I am looking into buying a more flexible platform.
I am considering the Matrice 600 Pro, but today I´ve got the opportunity to buy a DJI S900 with the A3 pro flight controller (it cost less than half of the Matrice 600) - the drone is not on the list of supported drones, but since it uses the A3 controller like the Matrice 600 I wonder if I will be able to use it with DD anyway.
The camera will be a X5R or just the X5.

Does anyone know if it wil work ?


Hi @Fynsdronekompagni,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. If a drone is not listed on our page of Supported Drones or if we have not announced support for it, then there is no guarantee that it will or should work with our platform.


Hi Morten,

I have to ask this, what is your definition of flexible? You’re looking to use the same camera but on a bigger, heavier more cumbersome machine? What is the intended use for this machine?

I need a rig that i able to carry different third party gear.
I do a lot of work for a company that supplies water to domestic housing, they also handle sewers and wastewater, ect.
So I need to carry different sensors, surveygrade gps, water sampling gear.

But I aloso do a lot of ortho maps for them and other clients - I for that I use DD

Therefore the Matrice 600 Pro was my first thought, but if I can get the same from a S900 for less than half the price, then …

Also in Denmark (where i live) the Matrice 600 requires a new license because of the weight, the S900 does not. A license is about 15.000,- Dkk (2350$)

I already knew that - hence my question in the forum.

My point is that controlling the Matrice 600 or the S900 may not be that different since they use the same flight controller - and i my case the same camera.

Maybe someone has tried it before and know if it will work, or maybe your programmers can say if they think it will work - I understand that they can´t promise anything, but they do have close knowlegde of your software and the way it controlles the drones so maybe they can venture an educated guess ?

I couldn’t say for sure this would work without trying it. I know that that flight controller does work when it is on the matrice 600. If it was the same camera, gimbal, flight controller, etc. it might work. It’s hard to say without testing it and it wouldn’t be guaranteed to continue working as we don’t test here at the office.