DJI Pilot Double Grid

Does anyone know if you are able to fly a double grid mission in DJI pilot? I can’t seem to find this option anywhere.

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There isn’t. You will have to create a mapping mission and then copy it and rotate the pattern, so you will end up with two missions that you need to execute.

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There is:
In DJI Pilot “Mission Flight” when you have chosen “Create a Route”;
You have to choose “Oblique”, not “Mapping”. Then you will create 5 grid missions, not only 2.

So if you don’t want obliques then do what @sebastianstumpf recommended?

If you want to do nadir photos in a double grid, you will need to create one mission with the orientation i.e. N-S, then copy that mission and rotate the orientation of the grid by 90° (in this example E-W).

So you end up with two missions, that you have to execute one after the other.

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